Student Life at Charlotte Academy
By: Ashley A. & Ella B.
CA Class of 2016

Charlotte Academy has a unique learning environment. It houses students with an equal uniqueness. These students know how to uphold the Charlotte Academy reputation and standards. All new children are welcomed by their peers with open arms. Our students are taught to accept everyone for who they are. As two eighth graders who have been students at Charlotte Academy since pre-school, we can say that the school has been a calming and nurturing atmosphere. We have known most of our classmates since we were just three years old. They have treated us like brothers and sisters. Whenever we gain another student to our class, we have been kind and helped them adjust to the place that is Charlotte Academy. We know that Charlotte Academy can be quite a different experience for newcomers. We feel it is our duty to make them feel welcome and accepted. The newer kids have become part of our family.

At Charlotte Academy we are constantly challenged in our classes. We think that these rigorous courses will better prepare us for high school. We have heard from past students that Charlotte Academy really helped them with their high school classes. We like to be challenged and be pushed in our classes. We feel we will be ahead in high school because of the things we study at Charlotte Academy.

Charlotte Academy’s social environment and academics are unique in itself. It allows for a safe place for the students. Students are encouraging to their peers and celebrate accomplishments. The academics make the students strive to be their best. You are surrounded by people who want you to succeed at Charlotte Academy. You are never set up to fail at any point. We can vouch for this, and we are certain that we will carry the lessons we have learned at Charlotte Academy with us as we graduate to high school.